Quake Alarm Easy - Sismo Sveglia

Application "Quake Alarm Easy" is used to wake up at the right time or in the event of an earthquake ...

The use of the application is intentionally simple and essential. It works even in Standby

The Apps provides alarm functions can be set to 'desired time, (you can use as a night clock always on),
immediately and emits an alarm sound in case of vibration , which could also be caused by an earthquake ,
enabling us to put ourselves in safety . (A few seconds in the event of an earthquake could be important ...)

The level sensitivity to quake can be set easily.

The earthquake alarm will turn off automatically at the sound of the alarm.

The alarm can be muted even moving / shaking the terminal.

The apps Could be used as a motion sensor alarm / burglar alarm simply place the device it on the door / window etc..
the limits are dictated only by the imagination ...

Pressing the clock mode switches to "always on" ( standby-off ) useful with some terminals.

We recommend using the battery charger when using the apps for a long time.

Given the nature of the application (much tied to hardware, accelerometer sensor)
Operation is not guaranteed for all terminals, so it is recommended prior to purchase to download and try
The free version of the application "Quake alarm easy free" (fully functional but limited version).
In order to purchase only if fully satisfied by the program.

The apps is the first version surely others will follow ...
is already in development operation in landscape.
We welcome suggestions, ideas, and confirmation of operation on your devices, and any bugs found.

The languages currently supported are English and Italian.

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